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South Korea EPS Training in BKTTC
Pre-departure Briefing of South Korea Candidates
Pre-departure Briefing of Jordan Female Garments Workers
Meeting with Minister
Labor Attache Program of BOESL 2016
MD And GM of BOESL with Classic Fashion Dinner party
Migrants Day 2016 Raly
Migrants Day 2016 BOESL Stall
Migrants Day 2016 Debating program
BOESL MD and GM Gift Taking from Prime Minister Advisor on Migrants Day 2016
Migrants day 2016 BOESL's MD and GM in the Auditorium
BOESL Stall on Migrants Day 2016
Innovation Workshop of BOESL
EPS Lottery held in Ministry Auditorium
EPS Motivation Training
Managing Director in Pohela Boishak-1425
Secretary in Charge Rownaq Jahan in EPS Briefing
Secretary in Charge Rownaq Jahan in the meeting with BOESL.s Employees