BOESL Service Charge

  • BOESL does not take any service charge from the workers for of recruitment process if the employer pays us commission.

  • BOESL charges following minimum possible fee (no profit no loss basis) from the workers for its logistic support and assistance.

Categories In case where joining Air ticket paid by the employer In case where joining ticket paid by the workers
Semi/ Un skilled Tk. 26,400 Tk. 20,400
Skilled Tk. 42,000 Tk. 30,000
Professional Tk. 72,000 Tk. 54,000
Female Garments Workers Only Tk. 12,000 Tk. 6,000
EPS regular workers 00 Tk. 19,200

  • Service charge of BOESL is determined by the Governing body “No profit No loss basis”. The authority reserves the right to revise the service charge on special circumstances.